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Lizanne Padula and Lauren McLane have both done something unique for two women in their field: DUI/Criminal Defense. Both created a strong statewide reputation in an unorthodox manner. Although there are exceptions, most of the DUI/Criminal attorneys you will encounter have either not achieved the level of recognition shared by Lizanne and Lauren or they have done so by being part of a larger DUI firm and being cultivated by an older and more experienced DUI attorney.

Lizanne moved to Seattle with no professional or personal contacts in the Seattle area, after 5 years as a Deputy Prosecutor on the Olympic Peninsula. Lizanne, without the assistance of an established firm or a mentoring attorney, started the process of building her own criminal defense reputation. She got started by “ghost-writing” for other attorneys. As she became more well known, other attorneys referred her the difficult and complicated cases that were intimidating and overwhelming. Lizanne not only took these cases but she won them! Gradually she began to receive attention and industry recognition for her successes. Her unorthodox style and fearless litigation garnered attention and facilitated the growth of her reputation. She has received numerous awards including “Rising Star” and “Super Lawyer”. She has presented at CLE’s all over the State. She has maintained an “Exceptional” rating with for many years. She is a board member of Citizens for Judicial Excellence and a King County Pro-Tem Judge. She has successfully argued in the Washington State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. She is widely viewed as one of the best DUI and criminal defense attorneys in the State.

For the first five years, Lauren was a public defender. As a public defender, Lauren carried an impossibly large case load; however, despite this, she successfully litigated multiple DUI trials, located and utilized a previously unknown breath test expert, and emerged as the most promising young criminal defense attorney in Washington State. She has co-authored and published an article in the May issue of the Forensic Journal and is being actively sought to teach at legal seminars on the Science of breath testing. Right now Lauren is scheduled to present at 2 local Continuing Legal Education (CLE) conferences as well as at the National College for DUI Defense at their seminar in Arizona. Put bluntly, Lauren’s performance as a public defender is unheard of and largely unprecedented. Now she is firmly establishing herself as the premier Washington State Attorney on DUI, science and forensic matters.

The combination of Lizanne and Lauren in a criminal/DUI defense firm is the union of two tenacious lawyers whose creative thinking will take your case out of the “box” and bring forward an aggressive and unique defense. These two are willing to fight beyond when others would falter. They will stand by your side no matter how difficult the situation and they will find a way to get you through the ordeal you are about to go through.