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Just Been Arrested? Why You Need to Call an Attorney ASAP

Posted Tuesday, March 28, 2017 by Lizanne Padula.

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You have the right to counsel when facing criminal charges or when being interrogated or under investigation. This is a very important right because it protects you from self-incrimination. Unfortunately, many people fail to exercise this right and suffer the consequences later.

Your right to an attorney is important for several reasons. An attorney can:

Advise you of all your rights so you can exercise them properly at the right time

Tell you what to do and not do to protect yourself from self-incrimination

Inform you about what your charges mean, and

Advise you of what the potential consequences of your charges are

You should call an attorney as soon as you can after an arrest because you should thoroughly understand your rights and what is at stake before you speak to anyone. Invoke your right to speak with an attorney before being interrogated, even if you aren’t directly informed of this right. Keep in mind that law enforcement is permitted to mislead you during an investigation. They may tell you they have a rock solid case against you and convince you to fess up when, in reality, they had a very weak case and your confession is what made it a strong case against you! That is just one of the reasons you need the advice of an attorney. They have gone through this process before and they are trained to handle it. You have never been through this and do not have the training.

Waiting to call an attorney until right before your arraignment is a never a wise idea. Even though the arraignment is going to be your first court appearance you will still be asked to make some important decisions. Appearing at your arraignment and answering those questions before speaking with an attorney can leave you with regret. Having an experienced attorney by your side will make sure that everything is handled properly with no need for regrets. Many people unwisely plead guilty thinking they have no chance at a fight, but, tragically, sometimes they are very wrong. Not all defendants are convicted. The prosecutor has to prove your guilt, and if he or she does not have enough evidence to do this, the case will be reduced or dismissed. Let the case against unfold a bit, have an attorney help you evaluate the case and give yourself time to do a complete investigation of the conclusions drawn by the Police.

Gathering Information Early On

If involved early enough, an attorney can work to gather and preserve valuable pieces of evidence that could be instrumental in your defense. He or she can start by requesting a copy of the police report. In this report will be information about the incident and the allegations against you. An attorney can use this information to initiate their own investigation and prepare a strategic defense for you. An experienced attorney will be proficient at identifying weaknesses in the case that could lead to the charges being reduced or dropped. Before you are in receipt of all the information an attorney can gather for you, you should never provide a statement or answer any questions.

Beyond these strategic advantages, an attorney can give you peace of mind knowing your rights will be defended. This is perhaps the most calming benefit of hiring an attorney. Facing criminal charges is stressful, and you could say the wrong thing without even knowing it was the wrong thing to say. You might have a good chance of fighting your charges. Accordingly, if you are arrested, make sure calling a Washington criminal defense attorney is the first step you take in your case.

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