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Our Commitments To Our Clients

Posted Friday, December 15, 2017 by Lizanne Padula.

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When the state files criminal charges against you, your very freedom is at risk. Criminal conviction in Washington State often carries mandatory minimum penalties, which may include incarceration and hefty fines. A lot is at stake and hiring the right attorney to mount a strong defense against the state is critical.

Our Commitments To Our Clients

Padula & Associates, LLC is a criminal defense law firm. Our practice is dedicated solely to fighting for the rights of the accused. We practice solely in criminal defense and have been for over 20 years.

Zealous Advocacy

We fight for our clients’ rights and freedom. We work hard to get the best possible results for our clients. Our attorneys will fiercely advocate on your behalf. You have found a law firm that will fight until the last full measure, guide you to a just resolution, and stand with you when you feel confused or afraid. Read about our demonstrated results here.

Direct Access to Your Attorney

When you hire our firm you will work directly with your criminal defense attorney. You will not be pushed off to a case manager or left to wonder what is going on in your case.

Open Lines of Communication

We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the status of their case. It is important to us that our clients understand the criminal law process and the possible directions their case could go. We return phone calls and emails in a timely manner. The lines of communication are always open and we answer our phones 24/7. We make sure we are available for our clients.


Rooted in our legal experience and knowledge, we will be honest and upfront with you about your case and the most likely outcome.

Solid Legal Strategy and a Strong Defense

Every case is unique and requires a personalized and comprehensive legal strategy. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will be able to evaluate the evidence against you and pinpoint the weaknesses in the Prosecution’s case that can be leveraged in your defense.

There are numerous long-term consequences of having a criminal record. You want to do everything possible to get criminal charges dropped or reduced to lesser charges. Not every criminal charge can be beat, but we successfully execute legal strategies for our clients and are able to eliminate or reduce many charges.

Contact Us - Anytime, Day or Night

If you are facing criminal charges, your life and freedom are on the line. At Padula & Associates, LLC we understand what is at stake, and we will zealously defend you against any criminal charges filed against you.

The skilled attorneys at Padula & Associates, LLC can help you fight the charges that have been filed against you. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer free consultations. Call us 24/7 at 425-883-3366 or contact us on the web to schedule your free consultation today.

Our firm handles State and Federal criminal cases throughout Washington State, including King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Lewis Counties.