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Pre-Trial Strategies, Criminal Defense

Posted Friday, March 9, 2018 by Lizanne Padula.

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The vast majority of criminal cases are resolved before trial. However, every case must be treated from the outset as a case that will go to trial. The pre-trial strategies employed by your criminal defense attorney are critical components to a solid legal defense. The right pre-trial strategies may help you get the criminal charges dropped completely. Or, may weaken the state’s case against you, which ultimately will aid you in striking a favorable plea bargain with the prosecutor.

Pre-Trial Strategies, Criminal Defense

Every case is fact-specific and the pre-trial and trial strategies that are best to defend you will be tailored to your case. While there is no single way to best defend against criminal charges, there are a few tenets of criminal defense that lend themselves to effective pre-trial strategies.


An early and thorough investigation into the criminal charges against you should be conducted. It is critical to gather evidence and question witnesses as soon as possible after an arrest. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to track down evidence and witness may not remember as well as time goes on. Further, it is critical to discover what evidence the government has against you. During the pre-trial stage of discovery each side must provide the opposing side with the evidence it plans to produce at trial. This provides you the opportunity to pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Fight to Have Charges Dismissed or Negotiate a Plea Agreement

Diligent preparation for trial leads to a higher probability of securing a dismissal or a favorable plea deal. At any point prior to a jury delivering a verdict after trial you have the opportunity to fight to have the charges dismissed or negotiate a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor.

Pre-Trial Motions

Filing pre-trial motions with the court is part of any effective criminal defense. A motion asks the Court to do something for you. For example, a pre-trial motion may ask the Court to suppress a piece of the prosecution’s evidence because it was illegally obtained or is unduly prejudicial. Or, a pre-trial motion may ask the Court to dismiss the indictment or grant you the power to discover evidence from the state and other parties.

A strategic and aggressive approach to pre-trial motions can aid in negotiating a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor. It also sets the stage for an effective trial strategy in the event that going to trial becomes necessary.

The foregoing pre-trial strategies are merely a broad overview of the strategies that make a strong defense against criminal charges. Remember that ever criminal case is unique and the best defense strategies will be tailored to the specific facts of the state’s case against you.

Defending Against Criminal Charges in Washington State

Mounting a strong defense early-on helps to ensure the best outcome in your criminal case. Getting an attorney involved as soon as possible increases your odds of avoiding a conviction. If you are facing criminal charges, your life and freedom are on the line. Hiring the right attorney to defend you is critical. At Padula & Associates, LLC we understand what is at stake, and we will zealously defend you against any criminal charges filed against you.

When you hire our firm you will work directly with your attorney. You will not be pushed off to a case manager, left to wonder what is going on in your case.

Lizanne’s previous work as a Prosecutor gives her special insight into how the Prosecutor in your case operates. She knows the tactics the government uses when bringing criminal charges. Her experience affords her insider information that greatly benefits her ability to build a strong defense against any criminal charges you are facing. We invite you to learn more about Lizanne here.

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