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When Can A WA Commercial Driver License (CDL) Be Suspended or Revoked?

Posted Friday, April 13, 2018 by Lizanne Padula.

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If you hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL) in Washington State, you need to know under what circumstances your CDL can be suspended or revoked. Your CDL is part of your livelihood and you must do all you can to protect it.

When Can A WA Commercial Driver License (CDL) Be Suspended or Revoked?

In Washington State your CDL can be suspended for either a conviction for DUI or a positive alcohol or drug test while driving. Further, your Washington State CDL can be suspended, revoked, or disqualified if your Washington driver license is suspended, revoked, canceled, or surrendered for any reason.

The Washington State Department of Licensing lists the following violations for which your CDL can be suspended or revoked:

• Conviction of DUI.

• Entering into Deferred Prosecution in lieu of DUI charges.

• Driving a commercial motor vehicle with an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or higher, or with any measure of THC concentration.

• Refusing to submit to a test or tests to determine your blood alcohol concentration or the presence of any drug while driving a motor vehicle.

• Leaving the scene of an accident involving a motor vehicle.

• Using any motor vehicle in the commission of a felony.

• Driving a commercial motor vehicle with a suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified CDL.

• Causing a fatality through the negligent operation of a commercial motor vehicle (including but not limited to vehicular homicide or vehicular assault).

• Committing 2 or more of the above listed violations, in separate incidents.

• Committing 2 or more serious traffic offenses within 3 years, in separate incidents.

• Driving a commercial vehicle while under an out-of-service order.

• Committing railroad-crossing violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Your CDL can be suspended or revoked for any of the above violations. If you hold a CDL it is imperative that you take great care while driving, both commercial vehicles and personal use vehicles. Understand that your CDL can be suspended for life if you are convicted of two or more DUIs or other violations that are legal grounds for suspension, including being found to have a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit or other drugs in your system while driving any vehicle.

If you have a CDL and are facing criminal charges for DUI or DUI related offenses in Washington State, you need an experienced and aggressive DUI defense attorney on your side. When you have a skilled attorney on your side you are more likely to get the best outcome possible in your case. Your attorney will serve as your guide, your advocate, and will protect your rights through the legal process.

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