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Arson and Malicious Mischief

Arson crimes are described in the Revised Code of Washington Title 9A.48. Arson involves the knowing and malicious causing of a fire or explosion. Also in Title 9A.48 is Reckless Burning, Malicious Mischief, Tagging/Graffiti, Defacing a State Monument and Civil Disorder Training.

Of these, the most commonly charged is Malicious Mischief which involves the knowing and malicious causing of damage to property of another. Whether it is First, Second or Third degree depends on the cost of the damage. Basically, if you cause damage to the property of another you may find yourself facing charges for Malicious Mischief.

As with all crimes, law enforcement will want to interview you if they suspect you of committing one of these crimes. You may notice that these crimes have mental states like “knowing” and “reckless”. That means that law enforcement will either need to confirm or infer your mental state. Any interview you give or questions you answer will assist them in pursuing criminal charges. Accordingly, protect yourself and politely explain that you cannot speak to the law enforcement officer without your attorney being present. No matter what type of pressure, coercion, or fear tactic they use, you must resist the impulse to speak with the police. People want to talk and they believe they can somehow improve their situation; however, I have NEVER seen a suspect improve their situation! Talking ALWAYS makes the situation worse. Call us! We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.