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Revised Code of Washington Title 9A.60 addresses Forgery (9A.60.020), Criminal Impersonation (9A.60.040 and 9A.60.045), False Certification (9A.60.050) and Creation or Use of False Academic Credentials (9A.60.070). All of these crimes involve the making or use of a misrepresentation. Often, as in forgery or Obtaining a Signature by Deception or Duress (9A.60.030) there is an intent to defraud. Your knowledge of the misrepresentation or your intention can be critical to law enforcement’s investigation. Since your mental state is important, you should not make any statements to law enforcement that may document your knowledge or Additionally, statements that are not accurate can often be used to document your desire to conceal your consciousness of guilt. Accordingly, as with all criminal investigations, it is important to exercise your Constitutional Right to Remain Silent until you consult with an attorney. Padula & Associates is knowledgeable and experienced in these areas of the law and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.