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Gun Crimes And Other Weapons Related Charges

These cases are most typically violations of the Revised Code of Washington Title 9.41. Firearm possession, carry and display has restrictions and limitations. Most notably a firearm may not be possessed by a convicted felon or a person previously convicted of an act of domestic violence. Otherwise unlawful possession is determined by the manner or location of the possession.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement and/or prosecution to misunderstand/misread the law and attempt prosecution of an action that is actually lawful. Surprisingly, we have seen this many times. In these situations Padula & Associates has been able to either intervene with the prosecution and negotiate a dismissal, or to successfully request a dismissal from the Court. However, the process of doing either of these is often slow, inconvenient and expensive.

Unlawful possession can often be accidental or constructive. Since knowledge is an element of possession, it is important not to make any statements to the police that either confirms your knowledge of possession or is a misrepresentation by you that a prosecutor may later use to show that you were attempting to cover your knowledge of your guilt. In other words, exercise your right to remain silent and politely explain that you cannot speak to the law enforcement officer without your attorney being present. No matter what type of pressure, coercion or fear tactic they use, you must resist the impulse to speak with the police. People want to talk and they believe they can somehow improve their situation; however, I have NEVER seen a suspect improve their situation! Talking ALWAYS makes the situation worse. Call us! We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Padula & Associates has received many referrals from the Second Amendment Foundation and other firearm advocacy organizations. Lizanne Padula has spoken at an Open Carry Rally in Olympia and at other firearm advocacy events. Padula & Associates has achieved dismissals or reductions in hundreds of firearm related cases. Padula & Associates has coauthored an information pamphlet with David Newman of Rainier Law.