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“I feel so privileged to have had you in my corner - fighting so hard to get my freedom returned to me.” – Linda

“I want to give you every ounce of thanks I have. It takes an incredible person to do what you have done for me. I am forever grateful.” – Jeffrey

“You emit courage and strength along with being honest and straightforward. Thank you for doing this tremendous favor for me.” – Cheryl

“I can’t thank you enough. You were a true warrior in the courtroom – you stood up for what you passionately believe in.” – Stephanie

Demonstrated Results

Padula & Associates Seattle-Bellevue DUI Client walks no legal consequences!

Our client was charged with a DUI in a case where there was substantial evidence against her, including an in-car video of her interactions with the police officer who arrested her. There was also breath test evidence that our client was driving with a breath alcohol concentration well over the legal limit of .08g/210L. The prosecution’s plea offer was for our client to plead guilty to the DUI as charge. We pushed forward to a motions hearing before the court to argue legal reasons why the judge should dismiss the case. We spent many hours reviewing the evidence against our client and came up with a series of goal-oriented tasks and strategies that we implemented at the hearing in our cross-examination of the police officer and our argument before the court. Ultimately, the court agreed with us that the police officer did not have probable cause to arrest our client for DUI and, as a result, the criminal charge was dismissed. We were further able to convince the Department of Licensing to take no action against our client’s license based on the same legal issue we won in the criminal court. Due to our efforts, our client walked away from this DUI arrest with no legal consequences!

Lizanne Padula Criminal Defense Attorney handles Hit and Run Felony Elude

Our client had two prior DUI’s that we did not handle. She came to us with a DUI, 3 counts of Hit and Run and a felony Attempt to Elude a Pursuing Police Vehicle. This client was a wonderful woman with a terrible drinking problem. She came to us early on but did not think she could afford us so she elected to go with a Public Defender.

Months later she returned to our office telling us that the Public Defender had been ineffective and wanted her to plead guilty to the felony. She hired us. We aggressively pursued negotiations but the prosecutor was unmoving. Our client was in the financial industry and the felony (attempt to elude) would eliminate her ability to return to the industry and cripple her ability to rebuild her life. The other charges were misdemeanors and she stood ready to plead guilty to these. The felony was the problem. Not only would it be devastating but she was adamant that she never saw the police and never attempted to elude them.

At trial we showed the jury that the “chase” was very very short, that both her side mirrors were broken, that her rear window was fogged and that she stopped on her own. We took a gamble that the jury would understand that our client’s ability to perceive the presence of the police was eliminated by her intoxication and the lack of mirrors or clear windows that allowed her to see behind her.

The prosecutor laughed at our strategy and told us she had defeated this tactic before. The jury deliberated for an entire day but emerged with a Not Guilty verdict on the felony. They returned Guilty on the other charges but we had conceded these as a sort of “sacrifice fly” to the felony.

The client is out of jail and looking for a job in the banking industry.

Criminal Defense Attorneys at Padula and Associates represent this young man was on his 2nd DUI

We handled his first DUI and it was not an easy case. We unfortunately lost his DOL hearing but we managed to get his DUI reduced to Reckless driving through aggressive negotiating.His second DUI case was equally as difficult. Our client was stopped for making an unlawful turn that caused him to travel the wrong way down an arterial street for several hundred feet and his breath test was twice the legal limit (.16).

We convinced the prosecutor that his breath test was inadmissible and won DOL. Despite the loss of the breath test the prosecutor would not negotiate and our client was facing 30 days in jail. We encouraged our client to go to trial and not to plead guilty like the prosecutor wanted. We also did not just put him on a deferred prosecution to save ourselves the time and effort.

At trial we showed the jury all the mistakes the police officer made and they returned a verdict of not guilty. The client was really afraid to go to trial but we knew he had no other way to avoid the jail time. We asked him to trust us and have faith. What a great feeling to win for this young man.

He has recently obtained a new job, which he can happily drive to, and he is doing great! No offense but we hope he never has to visit our office again.